Sustainability at Volkswagen Immobilien. Treating the environment and resources with care.

Urbanisation, individualisation, “new work”, digitalisation and climate protection present us with major challenges. We are confronted with constantly changing user and regulatory requirements in order to limit global warming. It has become one of the most important tasks – especially for the real estate sector.

In implementing the Paris Climate Agreement, Germany has adopted national climate protection targets for 2019 which provide for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 55 per cent by 2030 compared with 1990 and aim for greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. In Germany, real estate accounts for around one third of total CO2 emissions, 14% comes from direct emissions in the building sector. The real estate sector is therefore a particular focus of climate policy.

Our contribution.

As a 100% subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Immobilien is one of the most important housing providers in Wolfsburg and is aware of its high social responsibility which goes far beyond the management of real estate. We offer our customers living space at affordable prices in around 9,500 residential units as well as innovative residential services and a future-oriented infrastructure. As a corporate real estate manager, we support Volkswagen AG, its brands and subsidiaries with a wide range of real estate management services and are committed to dovetailing the building environment with the brand presentation under the principles of sustainability as an integral component.

Our actions are always based on clear values. The Volkswagen Group Principles form the common foundation of values for all group brands and companies, including Volkswagen Immobilien. Seven simple “WE” sentences formulate what the company stands for:

As a real estate company and subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, we are aware of our responsibility for our environment and the social impact of our actions and products. We are facing up to the challenges of climate change and are committed to the two-degree target and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the United Nations as part of Agenda 2030. It is our declared goal to reduce the CO2 emission intensity for all new and existing residential and commercial buildings by at least 35% by 2025 compared to 2015.

We are using our innovative strength in a targeted manner to reduce our ecological footprint. We pursue a concept for our real estate that includes the construction and utilisation, but also the financing and operation of the properties. In this way, we not only integrate ourselves into the activities of all brands, companies and regions in the Volkswagen Group, but also aim to meet the high expectations of our stakeholders. Decarbonization has an impact on profitability and enterprise value. These can be positively influenced by a real estate portfolio that is geared to the future. It is also an important instrument for protecting against climate-related risks that could jeopardise the business model.

Our commitment to sustainability is underpinned by our corporate strategy “VWI 2025” which is embedded in the Volkswagen Group’s TOGETHER – 2025+ strategy and follows the vision of being the leading real estate partner of the Volkswagen Group and its employees in Wolfsburg and around the world.

Sustainable development goals (SDG)(pdf, 136.77 KB)
Environmental Policy of Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH(pdf, 164.51 KB)
Code of conduct 2020(pdf, 7.82 MB)
Code of conduct 2019(pdf, 4.2 MB)
Code of conduct for business partner(pdf, 3.13 MB)

Volkswagen Immobilien Sustainability Report 2019.

Environmental protection, social responsibility, fair interaction with customers and colleagues and the quest for economic solutions have long been an integral part of the corporate responsibility of Volkswagen Immobilien. The annual sustainability report of Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH reports on the significance of and our activities in the field of sustainability. The sustainability report is published annually together with the Green Bond Report.

BLUE brand family. Our holistic approach to sustainability.

We have been consistently implementing our holistic sustainability concept “BLUE” since 2019. With our BLUE BUILDING, BLUE FINANCE and BLUE LEASE brands, registered with the German Trademark and Patent Office, we align all phases in the life cycle of a property with sustainability aspects – from construction, financing, and use to disposal. This makes us a pioneer in the real estate industry. We also support our tenants and customers with the concept of reducing their ecological footprint. In this way, we make a significant contribution to maintaining our competitiveness, but also to strengthening the perception of Volkswagen Immobilien as an excellent employer.

The life cycle analysis provides a holistic overview of the environmental impact. During the product development process the foundations are laid for eco-friendly buildings throughout the life cycle.


Volkswagen Immobilien is currently No. 1. (ISS ESG Rating Prime 2020)

The June 2020 result is more than respectable: Over the past three years, Volkswagen Immobilien has developed into a global benchmark for sustainable real estate companies and has once again achieved a top national position. In concrete terms, this means that Volkswagen Immobilien is considered the most sustainable real estate company in Germany (ISS ESG rating, “PRIME” status, as of June 3, 2020)! Worldwide, Volkswagen Immobilien ranks second in the industry.

Current Volkswagen Immobilien projects.

Social responsibility is hugely important to Volkswagen Immobilien. We have compiled current CSR projects and sustainability news for you.

Handover of keys for innovative Audi dealership in Munich-Trudering

supplied sustainably: Volkswagen Immobilien puts own photovoltaic cells into service

VWI wins the Immobilienmanager-Award 2019 With the release of the first “green bond” of the real estate business, Volkswagen Immobilien underlines the growing importance of sustainable capital assets.

VWI realizes modern office spaces in the IT:City. Digitalization and flexible working processes have a constant Influence on the design of modern work spaces.

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