Broker service for selling and letting. Working for you in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and the surrounding area.

Do you want to let or sell your property in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig or the surrounding area? We – the real estate brokers at Volkswagen Immobilien – are happy to help!

The professional team at Volkswagen Immobilien will help you with the process of finding a suitable buyer or tenant. Profit from our strong regional network, our technical expertise and our clear focus on the essential thing: your satisfaction.

On top of that, to make our service as flexible as possible, we even offer short contractual terms: three months for selling and one month for letting a property. Additionally, you can have Volkswagen Immobilien broker a suitable flat to rent in Wolfsburg after your property has been sold.

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We have compiled the answers to the most important questions about selling and letting properties.

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Customer feedback.

‘Mr Lossau was very professional and attentive. It was difficult for me because I don’t live in Braunschweig. Despite the situation with the coronavirus, he organised everything perfectly and always kept me up to date. Even when handing over the keys to the apartment, he provided his support for the handover report. When choosing prospective tenants, Mr Lossau showed real finesse and offered the right candidates.’

Anne Weseloh

‘Above all, I was impressed by how easy they are to reach, the friendly communication, and the excellent and straightforward service.’

Robert Hunecke

‘I especially liked the professional creation of the property overview, its pricing in line with the market, the restriction of potential candidates to a small group of genuine prospective tenants and the friendly support throughout the business process.
Those who market their properties with VWI have a reliable partner at their side who will ensure an all but carefree business process.’

Wolfgang Nass

‘We appreciate the expert and very friendly manner of Mr Lossau and are delighted with the rapid sale of the property. It all proceeded to our satisfaction.’

Irene Wagner and Arwid Schulz

‘The whole VWI Immobilien team impresses with a professional and targeted work method. This is complemented by Mr Lossau’s distinct expertise in the subject area.’

Roger Harazim

‘Many thanks to Mr Lossau for his expert, friendly, pertinent and motivating support! Everything was dealt with swiftly. Despite the coronavirus, everything was processed very quickly and the specified objectives were achieved in full.’

Frank Spyra

‘Whether buying, selling or letting, you are safe as houses with Ms Inci and the team and we were very happy with everything.’

Anja Bäumann and Uwe Wunderling

‘We never would have thought that we would find such a nice property to rent at the very first viewing. We didn’t have to worry long about where we would end up after selling our property. We would absolutely recommend you to others – and have done already, as it happens.’

Sven and Silvia Habermann

‘Ms Inci helped us sell our property. Engaging Nurten Inci brought us friendly, expert advice which led to a successful sale. We would like to thank her for her work.’

Manfred Terlinden

‘Our land, our new home, our broker! The process was hassle-free and friendly from start to finish thanks to Ms Inci and her great support with buying our property in Velpke. Thank you!’

Mandy W. and Patrick C.

‘We would like to thank our advisor Mr Lossau who tirelessly answered our countless questions with tact, empathy and cheerfulness, even though he had to make numerous enquiries to do so.’

Thomas and Viola Lierau

‘A great team of brokers! We would recommend the brokers at Volkswagen Immobilien. Our property was brokered on schedule. Thanks!’

Velten Huhnholz

Your liaisons. We are there for you.

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