Rental Contract Management. Your central liaison in the Volkswagen Group.

Within the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Immobilien acts as the central point of contact for external rental projects. We are responsible for the entire rental process – from analysing requirements to concluding the contract. We support our customers at all times during the term of the contract until the property is returned.

Procurement of space

  • Recording customer requirements
  • Search for existing properties/investors
  • Desktop research
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Carrying out a market tender
  • Evaluating the property offers
  • Conducting commercial and technical bidder interviews

Rental contract negotiation

  • Conducting commercial and legal negotiations
  • Preparation and support for committee appearances
  • Drafting rental agreements

Rental agreement support

  • Commercial administration
  • Optimisation of existing contracts
  • System-side mapping of the rental agreement
  • Rent-relevant deadline monitoring
  • Checking operating costs
  • Examination of rent increase claims
  • Commercial support for remodelling measures
  • Commercial and legal support for addenda

Successful project launch. We will find your perfect location!

As soon as your individual space requirements are known, you can turn to Volkswagen Immobilien’s lease management team with confidence. We analyse the available portfolio – within the Group and on the open market – carry out early desktop research and take over the entire tendering process.

Rental contract negotiations. You can count on us.

Volkswagen Immobilien can look back on many years of experience in lease negotiations. This in-depth legal and commercial expertise helps us to achieve price improvements for you, reduce follow-up costs and avert contractual risks. We are also very familiar with Volkswagen’s internal interfaces and committee procedures and will support you in these matters right up to the signing of the contract.

Supervision of rental contracts. We are there for you for the entire rental period.

Volkswagen Immobilien has years of experience with rental contract negotiations. This expertise helps us negotiate considerably better prices for you and lower consequential costs.

Your liaison. We are there for you.

If you have any questions about Volkswagen Immobilien rental contract management, please contact:

Volkswagen Immobilien
Poststraße 28
38440 Wolfsburg

Phone 05361 / 264 – 0
Fax 05361 / 264 – 110