References. Local and global success.

Over the past few years, Volkswagen Immobilien has developed and realised a series of large-scale projects and has been successfully providing facility management services.

The projects include parts of the Autostadt with the luxury Ritz Carlton hotel, the MobileLifeCampus and the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, several logistical projects for Volkswagen AG and diverse projects involving commercial properties for various group bands such as Audi and Volkswagen.

Weltkarte mit Beschriftung der internationalen Aktivitäten

Volkswagen Immobilien. International activities.

We are also successful on an international level and, for example, have been involved in projects in China, India, Russia, the USA and Australia.

An excerpt from our references:

LOZ III Bratislava.

Referenz LOZ III Bratislava
Servicesclient and investor in European countries
UseLogistics property for Volkswagen Slovakia
OpeningNovember 2017
SizeGross floor area: around 125,000 m² and a building for the tax office with 850 m² of office space are located on a site of around 300,000 m², which is roughly the size of almost 40 soccer fields.

IT City.

Referenz Luftaufnahme von IT city
ServicesProject development and realisation
UseOffice building for the group IT of Volkswagen AG (around 1,400 personnel)
OpeningMay 2017
SizeGross floor area: around 33,000 m² (six connected blocks, one catering building and one parking area with around 1,000 parking spaces)

Open Hybrid Lab Factory.

Referenz Gebäude OpenHybrid
ServicesProject development, general contractor (planning and realisation) for the client Wolfsburg AG
UseFive-storey research building with offices, laboratories and a technical centre with a production facility
OpeningSeptember 2016 after 19 months of construction
Size9,400 m² gross floor area

Volkswagen Hannover.

Referenz Gebäude Volkswagen Automobile Hannover.
ServicesProject development and realisation
UseTwo-storey car dealership and administrative building for Volkswagen Automobile Hanover
CompletedDecember 2015 after around 14 months of construction
SizeGross floor area: 11,000 m², plot of land: 19,000 m²

Logistics centre Braunschweig.

Referenz Gebäude Logistikzentrum Braunschweig
ServicesProject development and realisation, property management
UseDepot and two delivery areas. The site also features 1,500 m² of office and social space.
CompletedMay 2015 after 15 months of construction
SizeGross floor area: 50,000 m²
OpeningMay 2015

Porsche Hamburg.

Referenz Gebäude Porsche
ServicesProject development and realisation
UseTwo-storey car dealership with a spacious showroom and workshop area
CompletedFebruary 2015 after 12 months of construction
SizeGross floor area: 5,700 m²

Audi Berlin.

Referenz Gebäude Audi Berlin
ServicesProject development, project realisation, property management and facility management
UseCar dealership with connected service area and workshop
CompletedSeptember 2011 after 18 months of construction
SizeGross floor area: 20,488 m²; plot of land: 22,170 m²

Design Center Potsdam.

Referenz Gebäude Potsdam
ServicesProject realisation, client, owner, property management
UseCentre for car designs from around the world
OpeningDecember 2004 after 18 months of construction
SizeGross floor area: 6,425 m²

Our clients.

The overview contains a selection of our clients in the fields of project development, project realisation and facility management. The companies originate from throughout the Volkswagen Group. We also work for companies in Germany and abroad.

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