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Do you want to optimise how your commercial space is used and increase its value steadily? Facility management at Volkswagen Immobilien is happy to help.

Volkswagen Immobilien – The facility management expert.

With years of expertise and unparalleled references, we are a central liaison to Volkswagen AG for facility management. We also manage a wide range of properties and commercial properties in Wolfsburg and the surrounding area, including the Bürozentrum Nord office complex, the IT City and parts of Braunschweig airport, and provide facility management services throughout Germany for clients including car dealerships, office buildings, logistics buildings and other properties belonging to the Volkswagen Group.

Our range of facility management services.

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If you have any questions about Volkswagen Immobilien facility management, please contact:

Volkswagen Immobilien
Poststraße 28
38440 Wolfsburg

Phone 05361 / 264 – 0
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Email: mail@vwimmobilien.de