Asset management. Focusing on the commercial property.

Our asset managers have the entire commercial property portfolio at their fingertips, from the commercial properties and subsidiaries owned by Volkswagen Immobilien to the commercial space belonging to the real estate holding company Volkswagen Group Real Estate.

Owner representation. Your first point of contact.

We use our expert knowledge to represent the real estate strategy of the landlord and their interests. This guarantees unparalleled commercial support and optimises the management of the properties.

Portfolio management. Strategically thinking beyond the property.

Every property has to be managed individually. As part of portfolio management at Volkswagen Immobilien, we use the details of the individual property to build an overview of the entire portfolio in order to develop it actively, strategically and continuously.

Property maintenance and tenant support. Always there for you.

Your satisfaction is what matters to us. Volkswagen Immobilien upholds high standards of property maintenance and tenant support which reflect and implement your requirements by means of quick, transparent communication, a regular dialogue and coordinated routine procedures.

Your liaison. We are there for you.

If you have any questions about Volkswagen Immobilien asset management, please contact:

Volkswagen Immobilien
Poststraße 28
38440 Wolfsburg

Phone 05361 / 264 – 0
Fax 05361 / 264 – 110