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Rent a flat in Wolfsburg. Find your dream property with Volkswagen Immobilien.

Volkswagen Immobilien offers more than 9,000 flats to rent in Wolfsburg, ranging from flexible shared flats to cosy flats to rent and the modern new build in Steimker Gärten. Our broker service even opens the door to flats to rent from private landlords in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and the surrounding area. Click here to see our wide range of offers and find out about the great flats of Volkswagen Immobilien. Why not become Volkswagen Immobilien’s newest tenant?

VWI as landlord With us you will enjoy numerous advantages.

Volkswagen Immobilien offers its tenants attractive benefits in all aspects of living – for example, we design your apartment in your pre-selected furnishing line with “Living with optional equipment”, offer an all-round service, reward long-term loyalty with tenant anniversaries and much more. Become our tenant too!

Our special offers The right solution for every requirement

Shared flats.

Whether for diploma or doctoral students, during the probationary period or as a project worker: Our shared flats are almost as comfortable and flexible as a hotel – but significantly less expensive.

Living in retirement.

Live independently and at the same time benefit from senior-friendly facilities: welcome to the WIR (Wohnen im Ruhestand) senior housing complex in Wolfsburg-Fallersleben.

Comfortable solutions for short residences

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Teaser Steimker Gärten

Our building projects Variety of new apartments

Innovative, forward-looking, affordable: Volkswagen Immobilien creates urgently needed living space. Discover our diverse range – from refurbished existing apartments to particularly energy-efficient new build properties.

Apartment portfolio at a glance. Our attractive range in Wolfsburg.

Click on a Wolfsburg district to get an overview of all the important information about the infrastructure and location of the place of residence.

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