Trainee and student apartments. Two months of occupancy with no basic rent.

Volkswagen Immobilien is opening the door to your own four walls. We have a special offer for trainees and students. You choose the apartment you like from our portfolio and can live there for two months without paying basic rent.

Furnished apartments and rooms in shared apartments are excluded from the offer.

The benefits.

  • Free selection from our entire apartment allocation1
  • No basic rent in the first two months2
  • Monthly rental fee plus VWI operating costs
  • No deposit
  • to property search

This is how it works:

    A rental contract is concluded for the apartment – you can move in alone or with one other person.

    You do not need to pay a deposit. Security for the rental contract is very straightforward – with a second contract partner such as a parent, for example.

    As proof, we require a copy of your training contract or an enrolment certificate specifying your start date and standard period of study.

Please note that our apartments are located in Wolfsburg.

Your liaison.

We are there for you. If you have any questions about this offer, please contact:

Up to €400 net rent exclusive of utilities, all districts, availability depends on current apartment supply.
Operating costs must be paid.

Volkswagen Immobilien
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38440 Wolfsburg

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