The principles of the group. The underlying values of Volkswagen Immobilien.

Our underlying values are the principles of the Volkswagen Group. They serve as the foundation for our corporate culture.

We bear responsibility for the environment and society.

We are sincere and address what is wrong.

We dare new things.

We live diversity.

We are proud of the results of our work.

We instead of I.

We keep our word.

Volkswagen Immobilien is a trustworthy company

  • which takes social responsibility and keeps its word,
  • which embraces sincerity and transparency,
  • which values diversity and moves in new directions,
  • in which everyone works together for the greater good and is proud of what they are doing.

The values of the group are a promise to our customers, shareholders, business partners and us ourselves.

They connect us with all of our brands and companies and over 600,000 employees in the group around the world.