Compliance, integrity and risk management at Volkswagen Immobilien. We take responsibility.

For the long-term success of our group, Volkswagen Immobilien relies on forward-looking risk management and uniform general conditions throughout the group based on our compliance management system and our integrity principles.

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Compliance at Volkswagen Immobilien briefly explained.

The whistle-blower system at Volkswagen Immobilien. Fair, confidential and professional.

The whistle-blower system of the Volkswagen Group serves as a central point of contact for everyone who want to report serious violations of the rules within the company. This is important and a sign of friendly cooperation: reporting misconduct can prevent damage and legal consequences for our company and our employees. If there is a serious breach of the company’s rules, it is crucial to detect it quickly, investigate it without delay and undo it as quickly as possible. Reports of misconduct are processed confidentially and professionally by the central investigation office in line with uniform, streamlined processes. The whistle-blower system guarantees the highest possible protection for whistle-blowers and anyone affected.

Your liaison. We are there for you.

If you have any questions about the whistle-blower system, please contact:

You can find more information about the whistle-blower system and the investigation office here:

Anti-corruption. Incorruptible: Volkswagen Immobilien.

There is no place for corruption at Volkswagen Immobilien or indeed anywhere at Volkswagen. The group has anchored this principle in its Code of Conduct. The purpose of our anti-corruption guidelines is to raise awareness of the dangers of corruption and help our employees carry out their everyday business with peace of mind and in compliance with the rules.

Risk management.

An internal risk management system based on the Volkswagen Group is in place to make sure that risks are handled responsibly. Volkswagen Immobilien adheres to the uniform principles of the group as a whole as a basis for handling risks appropriately and transparently.

These include:

  • Integrity, company values and compliance are of special significance.
  • Risks must be handled actively and openly.
  • The risk management system is guided by the targets of Volkswagen Immobilien.

Integrity. Trust in Volkswagen Immobilien.

Integrity is the basis of the success of the Volkswagen Group. Only consistent, reliable integrity will win us the trust of our employees, customers and business partners. But when do you have integrity? Integrity means doing the right thing from personal conviction – with responsibility for our company and business partners and as a member of society.

This also includes the fortitude to stand by the correct principles regardless of emotional, economic or social pressure. Integrity plays a key role in the cultural transformation of the Volkswagen Group, so for around 650,000 employees. “Integrity is a top priority in the group in order to strengthen trust in our company”, says Hiltrud Werner, Head of Integrity and Legal Affairs in the Volkswagen Group. She continues: “If we want to be ready for the challenges of the future, we must change as a group. It is important that everyone addresses what is not right so that we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.”

More information about the principles of integrity at Volkswagen AG: