• Sustainability


    We endeavour at all times to combine a sense of social and ecological responsibility with our business interests.

Code of Conduct

At Volkswagen Immobilien, the Volkswagen Group Code of Conduct applies.

Shared values are the basis for decision-making and for dealing with one another and third parties. Through our attitude and conduct, we all bear responsibility for the reputation and success of the company. Our reputation and trust in companies, employees, products and services are our greatest assets.

Our success depends to a large extent on whether we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and in an ethically correct manner. This also means that our internal and external reporting and communication must be truthful, comprehensive and timely.

Sustainability requires of us an awareness of our responsibility for the economic, social and ecological impact of our actions.

The Code of Conduct serves as binding guidelines for our day-to-day work. It is supplemented by internal guidelines, regulations and employment contracts. It also goes without saying that we comply with national and international statutory provisions.

Code of Conduct VW Group

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Volkswagen Group requirements regarding sustainability in its relationships with business partners