Flexible, cost-effective and uncomplicated. Our shared flats in Wolfsburg.

Whether you are a student or PhD candidate, be it on probation or as a project member, our Volkswagen Immobilien shared flats in Wolfsburg are almost as comfortable and flexible as a hotel – but much cheaper.

The rent including ancillary costs for the partially furnished rooms is between €245 and €430 per month, depending on the size (min. 9 m², max. 27 m²).

In total, every shared flat has enough room for three to four people and is fitted with a communal kitchen, bathroom and landing.

The rent for the shared flat includes all ancillary costs for:

  • DSL flat rate
  • Cable TV and radio licence fees
  • Electricity, heating and water
  • Running and ancillary costs
  • Stairwell cleaning
  • Repairs and maintenance

Termination at short notice for maximum flexibility.

We offer a short notice period for termination of one month to the end or the 15th of a month in order to make it as simple as possible to use our shared flats. This gives you flexibility when it comes to planning your stay.

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For more information about our shared flats, see the brochure:

  • Shared flats brochure – German
  • Shared flats brochure – English

Fittings and furnishings, surrounding area, sample images. Our shared flats in detail.

Your liaison. We are there for you.

If you have any questions about Volkswagen Immobilien’s shared flats, please contact:

Volkswagen Immobilien
Poststraße 28
38440 Wolfsburg

Phone 05361 / 264 – 0
Fax 05361 / 264 – 110
Email: mail@vwimmobilien.de