Site search and purchase

Selective search

Based on the user needs analysis, we look for the best possible location for your project. In the course of this search for a site we make use of many years of experience and our numerous contacts. And we pay attention to criteria that are relevant for you, such as transport links, visual appearance or planning regulations. Only when a site fulfils your requirements it is attractive enough for us to pursue it.

Site Search

  • Market and location analysis in order to narrow down the target area
  • Identification of suitable sites in the target area
  • Preliminary site check
  • Identification of the owner and securing the site if applicable

Site evaluation

  • Check of planning regulations, development costs etc.
  • Environmental audit
  • Evaluation of the building's condition (in the case of existing buildings)
  • Assessment of current market value

Site purchase

  • Purchase price and contract negotiations
  • Completion of purchase