Energy-efficient, environment-friendly, economic, user-oriented: these are the central values of forward-looking and sustainable real estate management that we have adopted as part of our corporate strategy.

BLUE BUILDING is the company's own standard for energy-efficient and sustainable building, which takes up the scientifically grounded, tried-and-tested requirements of common certification systems. In the process, BLUE BUILDING focuses on criteria that are applicable to both commercial buildings put up for the car industry and to the construction of new blocks of flats to rent.

Unlike 'classic' certifications such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM, BLUE BUILDING defines binding and sustainable requirements and criteria that form a fixed element of every property (minimum standard). The same high level of quality can be found in every building constructed according to the BLUE BUILDING standard.

This standard is already integrated into the project at the preliminary planning stage. Compared with individually certified buildings, we thus achieve a high level of transparency, comparability and security for the project budget.

Our services for clients, operators and users:

  • Advice on energy issues, drawing up energy concepts, advice on subsidies, project supervision until the award of the certificate "BLUE BUILDING – Energy-Efficient Construction"
  • Sustainability advice and project-related quality assurance up to the award of the certificate "BLUE BUILDING – Sustainable Construction"
  • Pre-check and potential analysis of existing planning and of portfolio properties
  • Technical and financial advice and construction-related controlling from the basic evaluation to the commissioning of the building
  • Recommendation of experts for specialist reports and quality audits, e.g. audits of building tightness, material audits, room air measurements
  • Value engineering: fiduciary project support to analyse potential for cost-cutting and optimization


The BLUE BUILDING standard consists of two phases: Phase 1 sets out requirements for energy efficiency, among them for the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy costs. Energy-efficient buildings of this kind are awarded the BLUE BUILDING certificate.

In Phase 2 "Sustainable Construction", leading to the award BLUE BUILDING plus, further demands are made on an environment-friendly, economic and user-oriented construction method. Volkswagen Immobilien attaches great importance here to specific technical and architectural standards, to ensure that the buildings meet the structural requirements of certification without needing all the documentation of established certification systems.



  • Reduction of primary energy and CO2emissions
  • Energy-efficient outer skin of the building and its technical equipment
  • Building management system and monitoring

Primary goal: energy efficiency

Action to be taken:

  • Planning of the construction method taking energy and CO2</sub emissions into consideration
  • Efficiency measures for the optimum operation of the building's technical equipment.



  • Reduced use of resources and surface area
  • Conservation of the micro-climate
  • Pollutant-free building products
  • Water conservation

Economically efficient

  • Surface-area efficiency
  • Can be converted for a different use
  • The building structure and its technical systems can be extended and adapted


  • Comfortable in terms of heating and acoustics, visually appealing
  • Healthy air in the rooms
  • Safe and barrier-free
  • Aesthetic and functional design
  • Mobility options

Energy efficiency

  • Mimimum requirement: BLUE BUILDING

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Action to be taken:

  • Improved soundproofing
  • Attractively-designed grounds
  • Optimum air quality in the rooms
  • Quality evaluation of the building products used
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Optimisation of floor plans to ensure adaptablity
  • Inclusion of storage space
  • Increased security for residents
  • Barrier-free